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Pokemon Golden Johto Adventures is my new Pokemon parody comic series telling my adventures through the Johto Region, in celebration of the release of Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Crystal on the Virtual Console. I do not claim ownership of Pokemon or any of Nintendo and Game Freak's characters. Please support Nintendo and Game Freak by downloading their games.

I also do not condone the use of drugs, alchohol, gambling, other addictive substances that could cause permanent damage, or nudity. Apologies to anyone this comic series offends.

UPDATE 3/31/19: I am currently going through my final term in school. I'll be graduating in June. So these next few weeks I'll have to put more focus on to my final projects, as well as maintain working at my new job six days a week. Which means unfortunately I won't be able to upload weekly for a while. I had to work two sleepless nights just to get Episode 68 out on time! So for the time being, I'm going to try uploading comics once every other week to see if I can handle that. If I can't and I have to pull another hiatus, I do apologize. Once school is over with in June, I'll have more time to upload episodes regularly.)

Once again, thank you all so much for being patient with me while I go through this difficult term. Here's to more episodes in the future!



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