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Games Welcome to Ryancomix Games! Take a look at some great RPG and Platform Games starring Whammy, Ryan, Ben, a Stick Guy and more. All games here are made on My Game Builder. Got a My Game Builder account and want to upload one of your games here? Email me and tell me about it. Donít have an account but want to make awesome games? Itís completely easy and free to create one. No downloads required! Head on over to MyGameBuilder.com if youíd like to try it out.
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Quest of the Ninja

This is my most recent game-build as it was started and completed in 2014...

The adventure that started it all. You are just a regular pig living in the town called Sueyville, when one day your master sends you on a quest to unite the Legandary Ninjas before disaster strikes the Land of Rye. On your journey you will explore through many towns, forests, mountains and more in this massive world encountering many monsters as well as those who will help your cause. Often times there will be opponents who will challenge you, and obsticles that will stand in your way, but you must be a brave hero and press on, if you hope to save this world.

circa 2012 

Ryan's Doodle World
Climb abord a platform adventure in a Notebook Land. Control as the stick figure Ryan and his sidekick Doodle Pants journeying through their land defeating bullies and saving the kingdom.

circa 2011 

Mega Whammy RPG
The sequel to Classic Whammy 2009 that contains many different adventures of Whammy and his friends. Think of this game as an alternate Whammy Slammy universe with different characters.

circa 2011 

Whammy Slammy: Tripplex Takedown
Take a ride on Tripplex the dragon and soar the skies in a Whammy Slammy side scrolling shooter. Blast fire on enemies and fly through 3 worlds to rescue Tennis from Professor Cold.

circa 2011 

Ben VS The Ryans
In this action adventure game the great hero Ben must triumph over the crazy curly-headed freaks know as the Ryans and save his home, the land of Aria.

circa 2010 

The Easiest Game Ever
A pretty simple game. Just collect the trophy and you win. That's it! Pretty easy...or is it?

circa 2009 

Classic Whammy 2009
Play the classic Whammy adventure I made many years ago. Journey around Whammy's old world as he goes on a quest to search for Pixi Stars to defeat his arch enemy Skullibones.

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